No license after factory setting of Android devices

If you reset an Android device to factory settings, the identification number changes and the Android device is no longer licensed.

For Android devices, Android generates a UUID – i.e. an identification number – when devices are first set up, which changes when the device is reset to factory settings. The mobile devices are licensed via this identification number.

Unfortunately, this often leads to the fact that you can no longer use the device with the app after the reset, because the license is still linked to the old identification number.

You will then receive the message:

Device not licensed, please contact your administrator.

In the Portal --> Administration --> Devices, the device appears after the factory setting with a new identification number and the status  no licence, device.


Please make a note of this BEFORE resetting the device to factory settings the identification number of the device.

After resetting the device, then pull the license from the device with the old identification number that you have noted down, to the device with the new identification number.


How to move a license, we describe  in this article.