Note in case of missing service

With COREDINATE you can be notified automatically if the service has not been started on time.


Via the cockpit of COREDINATE you have real-time information about who is logged in to the system and who is not yet on duty. With the following hint you will even be automatically notified if the duty has not been started in time.


  1. Log in to the portal and click on Master data and then on tasks.

  2. Create a new task called Confirm duty start and place it on a checkpoint to be scanned at duty start.

  3. Store a fixed time period in the time planning in which the task must be completed (e.g. start of duty 6 p.m., confirmation must be made by 6:15 p.m. at the latest).

  4. Now create a new notification rule based on task completion with a unique name (e.g. late start of work) and set the filters on the right to the areas that should be monitored.

  5. Important: Set the status filter to time expired and save your filtering.

  6. Store an automatic dispatch for the report – preferably shortly after the completion deadline (18:20 in the above example).


In the above example, if the checkpoint is scanned when the employee enters the service, the task Confirm entry into service appears automatically. If this task is not confirmed by 6:15 p.m., COREDINATE sends an email at 6:20 p.m. with the exact listing in which area the start of duty has not been confirmed so far.