Mass time recording with COREDINATE

COREDINATE: Mass time recording with access cards and automatic logout at checkpoints. Efficient, data protection-compliant, without manual steps.

Time recording

With COREDINATE, it is known that it is possible to record the working and area time on the side.

In the basic setting, this works very comfortably for individual users who log in and then want to work with COREDINATE right away. But could COREDINATE also be used for mass recording of working times (e.g. for several employees one after the other at the personnel entrance)?

Natural! How, read in the following steps:


  1. Equip all employees whose working time is to be recorded via COREDINATE with an access card

  2. Place a Coming checkpoint and a Going checkpoint in the entrance area

  3. Learn these two checkpoints into the system through the app see here.

  4. In the edit view of the two checkpoints in the portal, set the feature Automatically log off user.


With the automatic logout function, the first employee is automatically logged out of the app after scanning come or go, freeing up space for the next employee. This makes it possible to literally work through a whole queue of employees in the shortest possible time. There will be no congestion because no employee will have to manually log off the app. The mobile device can be passed from employee to employee, so to speak. And incidentally, this also ensures data protection, because there is no risk of an employee remaining logged on to the mobile device for an extended period of time and leaving it unattended.