Manually record working time or area time

Mitarbeiter können manuell Arbeits- und Bereichszeiten in der COREDINATE-App erfassen, nachdem im Portal entsprechende Rechte vergeben wurden.

In special cases, it may be necessary for your employees to record working time or area time manually. How to make these features available to your employees is explained here in this post.

The working time recording is used to record the complete time that the employee works for your company during a shift, regardless of which object he is at. Area time records the time your employee spends in a particular object. First, the employees must be assigned the appropriate rights in the portal. You can read how this works here.

If you have assigned the appropriate rights to your employee and your employee has logged in to the app, your employee will see the following entry for working time recording on the start page of the app.

By tapping on this entry he can manually start his working time in the following window.


After tapping Comes, the working time also starts immediately.
When the employee finishes his shift, he taps Goes and the working time stops..


After tapping Comes, the employee sees a    Button.
The employee can tap this when he wants to start his break. During all time records, the employee sees his booked times in the app.



To end the break, the employee simply taps on and his working time now continues.

Alternatively, the employee can tap directly on Go and the working time as well as the break will be stopped completely and the time recording for this employee will be terminated.
To start the area time recording, your employee has the option to either automatically jump directly into the area by scanning a checkpoint on the object, or manually by tapping Search area.


By tapping Search area, your employee sees the customers and areas created in the portal. Here your employee chooses the right area, where he is currently located, which he selects by tapping on the appropriate area.


Once the employee has selected his object or area, he will see Area time recording at the very bottom of the list (to do this, scroll all the way down on the display).


If the employee now taps on Come, the time measurement is started immediately and you thus know when the employee has started his work on the object.


After tapping Come you will see a Break and a Go button - just like in the time sheet. By tapping the Pause button, the range time is interrupted and the pause time begins. The times that the employee has already clocked in are also displayed here.

When the employee leaves the object, he taps Go and the break time and the area time are stopped simultaneously. In the portal, all times are listed and displayed in hours and minutes.