What do I need for operation?

With COREDINATE, you can start efficiently with a small budget and few resources.

You can use COREDINATE successfully even with a very small budget. Below you will find a checklist for a successful start. You need NFC-enabled end devices.

  • Android phone or tablet with Android operating system from 5.1 and NFC, which you are welcome to purchase directly from us, but of course also on the open market.


  • Apple from iOS 11

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) is available starting with the iPhone 6 and is also available for all subsequent models.

  • All devices require an Internet connection


We recommend a flat rate so that the devices remain ready for use even when the data quota is used up.


  • Control points, which are attached to the object and represent documentation with spatial reference.

Please note that only COREDINATE's own control points can be processed.



  • If required, access media with which employees can conveniently log in to the COREDINATE app on the mobile device.



However, employees can also log in to the COREDINATE app with just a user name and password i.e. without an access card.

Already these few things are enough to be able to use COREDINATE immediately. Cards in EC card format are common as an access medium, because they can be printed as a service card at the same time. If you need something more stable, we can also code checkpoints or key fobs as access media.

On the smartphone, we would strongly recommend a data flat!

Unfortunately, we cannot make any general statements about the required data volume, as this depends very much on the usage habits of your employees. A control point scan causes only very small amounts of data, whereas images that you transmit as part of a captured event cause quite large amounts of data. In our experience, a small data flat rate of around 500 megabytes per month is sufficient in most cases, but this also depends on how many event images are captured. If the speed is throttled when exceeding your data volume, this is irrelevant for COREDINATE the data will still be transferred.

To access the portal, you need a computer or Macintosh with an Internet browser. Alternatively, you can use a tablet, but the handling is more comfortable on the computer.

To access the portal via the link portal.coredinate.de you need the access rights in the portal.

Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (Mac) are part of the operating systems. Other browsers such as Chrome, Opera or Firefox are available from the respective provider.