What are flexible forms?

You can enter your own documents in COREDINATE and continue to use them as usual – but fully digitalised.

Does your team repeatedly take on small tasks during the tour? Then put the clipboard and your paper forms aside. With COREDINATE you can easily and quickly recreate any existing form and make it available to your employees on their business cellphone or tablet.

Flexible forms are used to digitally display your maintenance documents, your stock lists, vehicle handover certificates or similar, which, for example, have previously been filled in by your employees by hand. In principle, any form is conceivable and possible.



Some advantages at a glance:

  • Less time and effort for input needed 

  • Is completed in typescript – you never have to decipher illegible characters again

  • Signature function – customer and/or employee or client can sign digitally

  • Picture function – photos can be used to better document certain conditions

  • Forms can be saved temporarily for later processing, so that they can be filled in again later or if, for example, a signature is missing from the customer or a responsible person

  • Predefined data fields – e.g. yes / no does not have to be entered again and again, or even names of employees, date/time etc. can be filled in automatically, saving employees time and making the entry of large forms more convenient

  • Forms that have already been filled in can be reused and only changes must be entered

  • Your existing forms remain the same – you don't have to get used to new designs

  • Time saving – If a form is saved, it is also immediately visible in the portal and can be processed immediately (e.g. performance record for the customer, billing, spare parts orders, etc. pp.)

In order to use the flexible forms, they must first be entered into COREDINATE. You can read how this works here.