How to set up your own e-mail server in the portal

Please log on to the portal as administrator.

Please click on Administration - Company profile in the main menu on the left

and then on the right-hand side of the tab bar to Own e-mail server.

You will see the following view:

Now click on the green button Set up mail server and the configuration view appears:

Now please click on the edit icon (the small pencil) to the
right of Configuration to edit the entries:

Please enter all necessary data here.


Which entries and ports you need and whether STARTTLS must be activated is usually known by your contact person for your e-mail server or IT.



Once you have made all entries, please click on SAVE.

Last but not least you have to activate the mail server.

Enter - as shown in the following picture - an e-mail address to which the test mail is to be sent, then click on the green button Activate mail server below.

A test mail is immediately sent to the mail address you entered and your mail server is active.

If you no longer need the mail server you have set up or want to change it, please click on the red button Remove mail server. After that the mail server is deleted and you can create a new one if necessary.


Please note that gmail accounts do not work with the mail server!
With other mail providers it is quite possible that you have to activate the option in your e-mail account first to send mails from your own account.
You can find out how to do this from your mail provider or on the Internet.



If the activation was successful, you will see the following display

and from now on you can send the reports to your customers via your own mail server.