Create or edit an area

Areas are a way of dividing customers into smaller units in order to manage them better. They can be categorized according to criteria such as location, function or other characteristics.

Customers alone are not enough to run COREDINATE – for daily practice we need a "finer unit", so that we can clearly display large customers. Areas are intended for this purpose, and you can divide them as you wish. Mostly the individual plants or plant parts of the customer are subdivided as areas (e.g. plant Uffenheim, plant Bonn or also loading, administration etc.).

To create a new area:

  1. Log in to the portal and click first on Master data in the main menu on the left and then on Customers.


  2. Select the customer from the list for whom you want to create the new area by clicking on it.

  3. Once the detail view of the selected customer opens, click on the Areas tab to the right of General.


  4. Clicking on the blue button + Add now opens a popup where you have to give the area a name. (e.g. the name of the object Administration building).


  5. As soon as you have assigned a name to the new area and clicked on Create, the area is created and can be edited at any time.

You have the option to deactivate individual areas. This can be especially helpful if you have an object of a customer that you always patrol only for a certain period of time. If you then have a break from the object, you can temporarily deactivate the area (i.e. the object), then it is no longer displayed in the app for a better overview. Mount the object again, just activate it again and it will also be displayed in the app again.

How you can add to the range Checkpoint  and Contact person. You can find out how to allocate the control points by clicking on the words Checkpoints or Contacts highlighted in blue.