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Change settings in the app

You can make various settings in the COREDINATE app, for example to change the design of the app or to adjust the sound and camera in the app.

How to use the app settings is explained in this article. To do this, please log in to the app. Now tap Settings at the very bottom of the app's homepage.


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You are now in the overview of possible settings.

settings, change, app

In the language, you change the app language and can choose from the following languages.

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Leg Design you can choose between Light and Dark (by default the app is set to Dark).

Platzhalter-2settings, change, app

The display in Light mode.

Platzhalter-2settings, change, app

Under the point Camera they have the possibility:

  1. Activate editing: When you have taken a photo, an editor opens directly afterwards, with which the image can be cropped and the image can be rotated.

  2. Automatically correct the orientation of the image: When enabled: If a picture is taken in landscape orientation, it will be rotated to portrait orientation in the app.

  3. Save images on the device as well: The images are stored in parallel in the device memory, even if they have already been transmitted to the portal.

  4. Compress images: The images are shrunk in data volume so that the transferred images no longer consume as much data volume or take up storage space on the device.

  5. Quality of the images (in %): The higher the value, the higher the amount of data and storage space required - but also the better the quality.

Please note, if you set too low quality, the results may become unusable!


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The sound settings are used to suppress various output sounds (this can be very useful in hospitals or hotels, for example).

  1. NFC scan: When deactivated, an acoustic signal is no longer emitted when scanning an NFC medium.

  2. GPS checkpoint visited: Here, too, no sound is emitted after deactivation.

  3. New task: The double beep of a task to be done can also be deactivated.

  4. Volume (in %): If you don't want to turn off the above sounds completely, you can just turn them down.

Please note that the sounds of the alarms from the workstation protection can neither be made quieter nor switched off completely!


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At Report Error you can send an error to our developer team as usual if something is not working correctly on the app.

Please note that the checkbox Send error report to analyze the problem must always be on, because otherwise our developers cannot see where the problem is caused!


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The following image shows you the information about the app version, the device ID and up to Android 9 the IMEI. (In this image, the numbers are only indicated/blurred out).
In addition, the sources of the sounds used in the app are indicated here.


settings, change, app

Last but not least, on the settings page below you will see our support phone number and support email address.

You can reach us by phone from
Monday - Friday 08:00 o'clock to 12:00 o'clock and 13:00 o'clock to 17:00 o'clock
An e-mail can be sent to us at any time of the day or night!