Assign a key to an NFC medium

With an NFC medium, keys or key rings can be uniquely identified and thus logged.

Assign a key to an NFC medium

With COREDINATE, it is possible to log each key once it has been deposited in the system upon acceptance and return. To increase the reliability of evidence during this process, it is also possible to assign the key or key ring to an NFC medium (e.g. key fob or seal, available in our store). This medium is then simply scanned via the app when it is picked up or returned,
which – especially in the case of a seal that combines all keys – proves quite beyond doubt that the key or key ring was really present.
If you assign an NFC medium to the keys, this also has the advantage that the key is automatically recognized during the scan when it is accepted or returned – quickly and without any risk of confusion. For the following steps you need admin rights within the app. These can be assigned via the user administration in the portal – to do this, simply click on Administration and User in the main menu on the left in the portal and assign the desired rights to the respective user.

How to assign an NFC medium to a key or a keychain:

  1. Attach the NFC medium, e.g. our NFC key fob or our NFC seal, to the key or key ring.

  2. Start the app and open the menu item Administration on the start page.

  3. In the following menu, select the Teach key entry.


  4. Next, select the key or key ring to which the NFC medium should be assigned - you can also use the search field in the upper area for this purpose.


  5. You will now be prompted to scan the NFC medium you want to assign to this key or keychain.


  6. As soon as the NFC medium has been scanned, a message assigned is displayed and the key or key ring is immediately listed. From now on, COREDINATE recognizes during a scan of the just taught-in NFC medium that a key or a key ring is connected to it. Logging is thus much easier.