Assign incidents to customers or areas

You can assign certain incident types exclusively to one or more customers or areas.

Please log in to the portal with the required rights, if you have not already done so. Now please click on Master data in the main menu on the left, then in the submenu on Incident type.

Here you can see the Incident types overview. In this list all event types are displayed, you can also see immediately whether this event type is assigned to a customer or an area

Simply click on the black field for assignments and you will see where the event type is assigned:

Now select the desired event type by clicking on the name of the event type (which is now highlighted in blue). On the right hand side of the list you will see the possibility to change the assignment or to edit the event type.

Click on the small pencil  on the right to change the assignments,

Now set the desired assignments here.

  • If you select the customer, the event type is visible for all areas of the customer in the app.
  • If you only select the area, this event type can only be selected for this area in the app.
  • If you tick the box at the top (your company name), this type of event can be recorded by all customers in all areas!

Now please click on and the new assignments are saved.



To change the event type (e.g. rename, correct spelling mistakes or add/change description), simply click in the field you want to edit


and then right down to .

As a small comfort function, you can also reassign several event types at once, which you either had already assigned before and now need them somewhere else or if you generally need them completely elsewhere.

Please tick the event types you want to reassign and click on Action.

and then in the drop-down menu click on .

Here you could also delete event types that are no longer required if they are no longer needed. To do this, simply click on Delete and a warning will appear:

If you would now click on Confirm, the event types would be deleted.


After clicking you will get a popup where you can select your new assignments for the selected event types


Tick the boxes for the desired customers and/or areas and then click on Set assignments again. You will immediately see in the overview that the assignment has been changed. In the overview list you can also quickly find out where an incident type is assigned by clicking on the respective black symbol on the right of the list. The exact assignment is displayed there – you do not need to open the incident type:

In the app, only those event types that are either global at company level or explicitly assigned to an area will be displayed in the individual areas.


If you explicitly assign event type C only to customer A, area A, it will not be visible at customer A, area B, nor at another customer or in another area.