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Activate the system

To activate the system for the first time, you need to enter a license key, which you can get from our sales team.

In order to work with COREDINATE, your account must be activated. It doesn't matter if you want to activate a test set first or start with the full version right away - the procedure is simple and always the same. Simply proceed as follows:

  1. In your computer's Internet browser, open the following link: http://portal.coredinate.de/start

  2. A page with input fields for the license key will open, please take this key from our cover letter, which you can find in the purple test box and enter it into the fields (The letters can also be entered as lower case letters and the hyphens will be added automatically by the system)

  3. After that you will be asked a few questions and the first user will be created.
    (As user name we recommend firstname.lastname, because then the system recognizes to which companies you belong and that you are administrator from your side)

  4. You have thus activated the account and can log in to the portal under portal.coredinate.de  (without the /start addition) log in with the access data you have just created.

  5. To make it easier for you you can check out the link portal.coredinate.de also save as a favorite in your browser, then you are always immediately directly in the login screen and do not have to go through the COREDINATE website to register.


The first user always has all rights and is also the administrator.
An administrator must be present in the portal!
Not all administrators can be deleted or deactivated.
If it is no longer desired that a user is an administrator, you can adjust the rights subsequently in the user administration at any time.



It is strongly recommended that you do not change the rights and assignments of your account.
If you want to delegate the tasks to someone, it makes more sense to create a new, separate account for this user, which has the required rights.


A user with all rights should always be present, otherwise rights once revoked cannot be retrieved.