Activate job protection

Workstation protection is prepared by steps such as logging on to the portal, opening the reception center and testing the red alarm button to ensure that all requirements are met and work can begin.

Get job security ready to go

As soon as all previous settings have been made, you can start working with the workstation protection. We will show you the individual steps at the start of service in the following:

Step Responsible What to do?


Alarm receiver

Log in to the portal


Alarm receiver

In the main menu, open Workstation Security/ Receiving Center


Alarm receiver

In the receiving center top left click on


This ensures that you are not only logged into the portal, but also ready to receive.


Employees on mobile device

Log in to the COREDINATE app


Employees on mobile device

Press red alarm button to test and run through check if all settings on the device are correct 


If the alarm criterion Requires active alarm receiver has also been activated in the alarm profile, the mobile device triggers a test alarm which is displayed in the receiving center like any other alarm. In this case, the following additional steps are necessary:


Step Responsible
Was ist zu machen?


Alarm receiver

Receives a test alarm in the receiving center


and click on this message.


Alarm receiver

Empfang durch Klick auf Empfang_bestaetigen_Buttonbestätigen


Mitarbeiter am Mobilgerät

Erhält einen Hinweis, dass alle Rahmenbedingungen erfüllt sind und die Arbeit beginnen kann.


This ensures that there is a connection between the employee on site and the reception center and that both persons are present.

If a certain alarm criterion is not fulfilled at the start of work, the employee on site always receives corresponding info on the mobile device, e.g. Some functions are not ready for operation. You will be logged out.

Please do not forget to log out at the end of your shift or when you are no longer ready to receive,

log out of the reception center with a click at the top right.