Fill out forms in the portal

With this additional tool, you can also fill out forms directly in the portal.

As a basic requirement, you must have created the form and assigned it to an event type. We explain how this works here:

Click Work results -> Events in the main menu.


Now please click on the blue button +Enter event.

In the following popup, select in which area the event should be captured.

Clicking Next will take you to the selection of the event type to be recorded.

Now please enter the date, time, a quantity and if necessary a comment.

A click on Next leads you directly to the attached form, which you now have to fill out.

The signature must be filled in as a mandatory field with the mouse if you fill in the form on a PC. On a tablet, you can sign with your finger, just like on a cell phone.


Once you have filled out the form, click on the green Save button at the bottom right.

After that, the captured event will be included in the list.

Clicking on the event splits the window and you can view and export the individual items by clicking on the respective buttons.


Button information

Button Images


Button Forms

Here you can export the form with or without a template, depending on how the form is created.


The exported forms:


Please note that filling out a form in the portal
is an additional function with costs.
If you wish to use this function, please contact us at 
+49 9842 / 804 91 20 to our sales team
to be able to activate this function!