How can I display scanned control points?

View checkpoint scans




You can find a more detailed listing in the portal as follows:

  • Log on to the portal with your access data at ((((((((LINK   )))))))))))    (if not yet done)

  • Click on the left side of the main menu on Work results and then on Control point scans.


  • A list with all checkpoints scanned so far will now open:


  • Now set the desired filters to the control point scans you want to list using the filter fields visible in the upper area.

  • At More filters you can search for devices and/or for employees.


  • If there are control point scans that match your filter criteria, they will be displayed here.


Navigate between pages

Depending on the amount of data, the filter result can be several pages long. On the left, lower edge of the list you will find a navigation bar, with which you can comfortably navigate between the pages:


Reset filters

You can delete the filters you have set at any time by clicking on the Reset filter button in the filter bar on the right:



Change number of records per page

You can determine yourself how many entries COREDINATE outputs per screen page. You have the choice between

  • 25

  • 50 or

  • 100

entries per page. You simply set this under the list

Refresh page

If new data is added, the page updates automatically.