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COREDINATE is Your Ultimate Security Equipment

COREDINATE is Your Ultimate Security Equipment

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COREDINATE is Your Ultimate Security Equipment

What may initially appear rather perplexing is, following closer examination, often not quite so absurd. COREDINATE, the Online Workforce Management System, can really become an essential component of your security equipment.

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Basic Security Equipment

What you as a security guard need in terms of security equipment to perform your duty depends, of course, on the task assigned to you. Despite this, there are still a few basic items that you should have with you or on you at all times.

Clothing as Security Equipment

The purpose of your clothing is not merely to identify you as a security guard. Depending on the assignment, it also needs to fulfil other purposes as part of your security equipment (e.g. your clothing needs to be resilient and functional). In cases of doubt, it may even need to protect your life.

Self-Protection as Part of Security Equipment

It is no secret that the provision of security services may involve physical altercations and even extremely dangerous situations. It is therefore even more important for you to be able to protect yourself and others in an emergency.

This means that you may require security equipment such as batons, defensive sprays or even electroshock weapons.

Working Safely at Night

Outsiders may find it trivial, but for you as a security guard, carrying a torch or another light source is also part of standard security equipment. Night work in particular frequently involves you moving in surroundings where, due to limited visibility, you also need reliable support in a technical form.

Security Equipment for Documentation

This is probably regarded by the majority of people as the least popular aspect of working as a security guard. You are required to document your work, whether in the form of photos, on forms or even in video recordings. This enables you to illustrate demonstrably what has occurred during your shift – not only to your employer but, most importantly, to clients.

This is where COREDINATE comes into play!

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COREDINATE as Security Equipment

A variety of technical aids are now available on the market that make your work as a security guard somewhat easier, but few of these are as comprehensive, intuitive and advanced as COREDINATE.

With COREDINATE as part of your security apparatus, you have everything you need in one hand. You usually do not need any additional equipment, apart from an NFC-enabled smartphone. In most cases, your service mobile phone already incorporates this technology.

COREDINATE can be used as a smartphone app (iOS and Android) and, simultaneously, as a web-based portal. You can plan guard tours from the portal, define tasks and processes and also use the portal as a central hub while employees are working on location.

The app allows you to work dependably on location and provides a range of features that make your work easier in a variety of ways. Whether for documentation purposes, worktime recording or even lone worker protection – COREDINATE provides you with a complete and comprehensive package as part of your security equipment.

The Main COREDINATE Features

Checkpoint Scans are the technological basis of COREDINATE. These checkpoints use NFC technology, GPS or Bluetooth in the form of so-called beacons. They are defined as the essential points of the guard tour and can be assigned any important information from the COREDINATE portal. This means that COREDINATE can form the bedrock of your security apparatus.

The Digital Incident Book is a basic feature integrated in COREDINATE. This replaces a large part of your security equipment which, to date, needed to be carried individually or even in manual form (paper folders, data collectors, etc.). The Digital Incident Book automatically records working times, events, filled-out forms and completed tasks. This allows employees on location to concentrate on the essential aspects of their work.

The Tasks feature can record all important tasks undertaken by security personnel during the tour at checkpoints, and you can rely completely on the COREDINATE app to inform your employees about everything. You can conveniently define whether tasks are to be performed at a particular time or within a specific period, all from the comfort of the COREDINATE portal, and this ensures that you remain completely flexible. Your employees are then reminded at the respective time by the COREDINATE app of the tasks they need to perform and must then mark these as completed.

Incidents during the tour can be detected and documented with ease through the COREDINATE Incident Report. COREDINATE uses forms prepared by you and the photo feature of the service mobile phone for this purpose. This ensures uniformity, clarity and reliability during the entire process. There is no need for you to decipher handwritten notes, and your employees at the location are reliably guided through the process and only specify those – or all – details that are important to you and for documentation.

Lone worker protection is an important component of your security equipment. Security personnel are frequently moving around alone and, consequently, need special protection for emergencies. With COREDINATE Lone Worker Protection, you have a convenient and reliable guard on your side that protects your on-site employees and, as a central hub, alerts you immediately in the event of an emergency.

COREDINATE triggers a pre-alarm if your staff member on site is not logged into the app or inactive for the period defined by you. If this pre-alarm is not deactivated, the app establishes a telephone connection with your central hub, reveals the exact GPS position of your staff member if desired and facilitates the search for the guard who may be in difficulty through an audible alarm tone.


Do you think that COREDINATE could become your ultimate security solution? – Then try our Online Workforce Management System for up to 14 days free of charge and without any commitment. You are under no obligation, but you benefit from the complete range of features of our innovative assistance system.

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