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Coming Soon: COREDINATE Duty Roster

Coming Soon: COREDINATE Duty Roster


Coming Soon: COREDINATE Duty Roster

To create a duty roster for your team is an important task, but it is usually a task which will cost you time and is unnerving. Of course you aim to include all your employees requests perfectly but how often is this actually possible? Even more so if you have to make changes time and time again, and at short notice. This way, this topic can end in an immense workload for you.

For months, our team has finetuned the idea of introducing a duty roster to the COREDINATE system. We want to make you able to create your security service's duty roster online with COREDINATE. Now our developer team got started on putting this idea into pratice, and we are working on high speed to implement this new feature.

Why Would you Need a Duty Roster?

A duty roster is the best option to plan shifts for your staff. It is a neat overview which shows you which employee works when and where. It is such a neat overview that you can easily give your employees access to it. Whether you plan your duty roster on a weekly or on a monthly basis is up to you. The farther in advance you plan the more flexible you are when it comes to making changes.

As part of digitalisation many companies now offer a feature to plan your security service's duty roster online. They offer different approaches, for example:

  • You can assign your employees to their shifts via Drag & Drop.
  • You can give your team access to your duty roster so they can assign themselves.
  • You can create an individual duty roster for each customer / object your security service is guarding.

The choice is great but as a customer of COREDINATE it means you currently still have to rely on additional software in order to create your security service's duty roster online. COREDINATE has recognised this flaw long ago, and we have spend much time and effort planning our own duty roster feature. Soon we will be able to celebrate our finished new feature with you!



In case you have not become a customer of COREDINATE yet, it's about time!

If the prospect of a soon fully comprehensive Workforce Management System with which you can also create your security service's duty roster online is not enough to convince you of our product, maybe you would like to check out other useful COREDINATE features?

 You can test COREDINATE for 14 days for free and with all its functions. Please just order your individual testset.

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