Automatic notice for the janitor


During their tour, employees from security and maintenance frequently discover defects that the janitorial team could fix – if they knew about them. On the other hand, small things such as defective lighting or leaking pipes often end up on the desk of the manager, who is then not always able to take care of them immediately. With COREDINATE it is possible to send reports with a specific content and to specific recipients - completely automatically!


  1. Create a new report in the portal
  2. In the edit view of the report, set the Event type filter in the upper right corner so that only the event types that are relevant for the recipient end up in the report (e.g. Damage / Defect for the janitor).
  3. Save the set filter (a filter according to the respective customer also makes sense)
  4. Create a new notification rule in which you select the report you just created and enter the desired recipient



If an event is recorded with one of the event types that you have entered in the filter, COREDINATE automatically creates a report and sends it to the desired recipient. In this way, the reports can also be customized for other groups of recipients, e.g. only the most important events for the executive floor or everything about fire and fire hazard for the fire safety officer.